To the innovative physician who values simplicity and efficiency in daily operations, Grey Ledge Medical Management helps transform practices with time-saving systems that combine the power of medical technology, insightful reporting and caring leadership.


Each practice has its own unique priorities. Since 1998, Grey Ledge Medical's goal has been to assess each client's needs on a case-by-case basis and personalize our services to maximize client time and revenue.


Medical billing is the foundation and financial lifeline of a physician office. If a practice's billing is not processed in an industrious manner, the impact can be disastrous. At Grey Ledge Medical, our billing business has grown steadily over the years due to our revolutionary approach to implementing processes that minimally impact your office.

Our employees are continuously educated on the latest coding rules for payers. In turn employees spread their knowledge to our clients in order to ensure providers are maximizing their reimbursements. Grey Ledge Medical offers several types of billing arrangements spanning from the traditional outsourcing of the billing function to a practice’s ability to maintain the billing processes “in-house.” When the practice no longer has the burden of HIPAA compliance, software updating and claims transmission, Grey Ledge Medical can be a valuable resource in supporting your in-house billing department, willing to work on every component.


Grey Ledge Medical offers our clients access to the electronic health record (EHR) module available through our software carrier, Intergy by Greenway. Intergy’s powerful clinical, financial and analytics technology with customizable features allows providers and administrators the ability to document, bill and report data in a way that provides valuable time-saving practice analysis.

Our team will assist your practice with implementation, customization and training and will provide ongoing support for training, data migration and will support your practice with MIPS reporting. Intergy by Greenway's electronic health record (EHR) software system is available to clients interested in implementing EHR software capabilities. Access to the software allows our clients to adopt EHR, avoid penalties for not having an EHR available and have the ability to report quality data to achieve additional financial incentives.


Grey Ledge Medical assists providers who are interested in starting a new clinical program or purchasing a new piece of equipment, both requiring an initial capital investment. We evaluate the market, payer reimbursement rates and other areas to determine the program's profitability threshold.


Traditionally the vendors used by physician practices have been reluctant to award discounted rates to the smaller physician practices. This is why Grey Ledge Medical has partnered with vendors in over 40 categories to provide discounted rates to physician practices. For some vendors, these discounts reach as high as 50% off the list price. Vendor categories range from answering services and medical supplies to payroll and HIPAA security assessments.

Human Resource (HR) Management Program

Hiring, training, evaluating and disciplining employees is a time-consuming necessity in operating a physician practice. Our experience in overall Human Resources processes can help to minimize your practice's time spent on recruiting by implementing strong HR policies and procedures.


When the physical layout of your office space can no longer accommodate your needs, then Grey Ledge Medical can help to explore new options. From renovating your current location or moving to another location, our experts can design and oversee construction projects to maximize space efficiency or can evaluate other cost-effective space alternatives. If a move to a new location is necessary, then Grey Ledge Medical can assist you to find a new location, negotiate your lease, design your office, oversee your construction needs and coordinate your office move.


Implementing and maintaining provider participation with the third-party payers is a time consuming and sometimes frustrating task. In addition, tracking the application throughout the credentialing process can be quite burdensome on office personnel. This is why we have developed our program that eases the task of completing the applications and we continue to follow up with the appropriate organization until the application has been completely processed. Weekly and/or bi-weekly reporting is sent to the provider throughout the new credentialing phase to assure all parties are involved in the communication process.